Monday, January 20, 2014

Elaborately designed envelope for Bennett Printing Company

I think it's fair to say you don't see this much creativity put into the design of business envelopes these days.

In this case, Bennett Printing Company of Dallas, Texas, went all out with the design of its return address in the early 1930s. I can't find much concrete information about the company online, but there is some evidence that it was still in operation in the late 1970s.

The envelope was postmarked on November 30, 1931, in Dallas. (In a piece of trivia for you tonight, that is the same day that Bill Walsh, who guided the San Francisco 49ers to three Super Bowl championships, was born.)


  1. My father used to work there and my grandfather was president! It was running at least a few years after I was born (1981). So cool to see someone liking what they did!

  2. R. Armstrong: I worked there in 1977. I was their only female salesperson. I believe they hired me to see if I could break ground with the very famous Adola Cooper at the Bloom Agency, which I did. Your father sat two desks behind me and your grandfather had his own office. I can't remember their first names. Carol Brown, now age 74 and living in Illinois.

    1. My father retired from Bennett's. He worked in the shop

  3. My father, Harvey McHenry, worked there for years.