Friday, January 24, 2014

FOVA #11: Teco Self-Rising Pancake Flour

(Note: This is only a portion of the advertisement. It's a full-page ad that's too large for my scanner.)

Magazine: The Ladies' Home Journal
Date: November 1919
Company: The Ekenberg Company, Cortland, New York
Product: Teco Self-Rising Pancake Flour
Text: There is a vast different in pancake flours. True, they are nearly all made from much the same grains, but Teco Flour has one unique ingredient of its own, quite aside from the high quality of the cereals selected. That unusual element is Buttermilk — powdered, malted buttermilk. ...

Teco Flour! — these two words are the secret of thousands of discriminating housewives the country over. Many a pancake reputation rests on them. Many a man goes to a day's work cheerier because of that Teco taste!

Whether or not you regularly observe Teco Tuesday, send for "The Buttermilk Book," by Mrs. Ida C. Bailey Allen. It gives many tasty Teco recipes.

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