Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gratuitous Victorian trade card of kittens climbing out of a wooden box

NOTE: Please do not attempt to pack and ship cats in this fashion.

The back of this Victorian trade card features a short poem about etiquette.

GOOD boys and girls should never say
"I will," and, "Give me these,"
Oh no; that never is the way,
But, "Mother, if you please."

And "If you please," to sister Ann,
Good boys to say are ready;
And "Yes, sir," to a gentleman,
And "Yes, mam'am" to a lady.

Actually, that poem makes etiquette really confusing.

Getting back to the cats, I have been inspired this afternoon to create a new Cats category for Papergreat. So, now you have one-click convenience for all of the cat photos and illustrations that have appeared here over the years. You're welcome.

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