Monday, February 24, 2014

Wintrode's Garage in Littlestown: 1955 mailed advertisement

Today we return to Littlestown, in Adams County, Pennsylvania. In 2011, Littlestown was the topic of the favorite post title I've ever had on Papergreat — Fairy tales: From laxatives to Littlestown to Johnny Depp.

Alas, no laxatives today. This is a direct-mail advertising card from 1955, urging residents to come to Wintrode's Garage on November 4, 1955, and consider purchasing a new Buick for 1956.

Wintrode's Garage, later Wintrode Buick-Chevrolet, was located at 523 North Queen Street in Littlestown. More recently, that site was the location of Speak Automotive.

I don't know what year Wintrode opened or closed, but it was in business for many decades in southern Adams County, perhaps as long as a half-century. (I have sought help from the members of of a Hanover, Pa., history page on Facebook, so I'm hoping to have an update to this post.)

Read update: Great memories of Wintrode's

Here's the other side of the advertising card, which indicates that Wintrode's employees were "busy as beavers" getting read for the Buick showcase.

That's a 1½-cent Martha Washington U.S. stamp, by the way. It was first issued as part of the 1938 presidential series.

It was reprinted several times in 1939 and, obviously, used for many years after that. According to, it was used in the following manners:
"1½¢ paid the 3rd class rate per oz., including unsealed Christmas cards, and the 4th class book rate per lb. Non-profits used the stamp for up to 2 oz. from 1952-58. Non-philatelic usage of the vertical coils paying proper postage is extremely rare and even rarer with the Canal Zone overprint."

The Martha Washington stamp was part of a series that some call The Prexies. Read more on the Martha Washington page at The Prexies website.

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