Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mystery photo: Old man and his wooden cane

This sepia-toned old photograph is mounted on a piece of black cardboard and, alas, there is no identifying information to be found on the front or back.

The photograph itself is about 3½ inches by 4½ inches. It shows a very old gentleman sitting in a wooden chair in the middle of a yard. He's holding onto a nice wooden cane.

I'll admit I'm curious about the white thing around his neck. Is it an upturned shirt collar? It's not a low beard, is it?

Anyway, unless somebody recognizes this man as a long-lost relative, I fear this will remain another mystery photo for the ages.

Here are a couple of magnified portions of the photograph.

And here, because I think it brings out some interesting detail, is a portion of the photograph with the "solarize" effect turned on.

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