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Various loose papers tucked away inside a 19th century ledger

Let's stay in the 1800s for another post today.

This large ledger has stood the test of time well. It's a big book — 9 inches wide, 14¼ inches tall and nearly 1½ inches thick. About half of the book is filled with financial transactions from the 1880s and early 1890s.

There were also a handful of loose sheets of paper tucked inside the book. More financial transactions and items that seems to specifically relate to wills and estates. Here are a few of them...

E.P. Stimson, M.D.

So, this is what we know: there was a doctor by the name of E.P. Stimson who practiced at Office No. 9 on Pleasant Street in West Randolph, Vermont, in the 1890s. (West Randolph is now just known as Randolph.) This was the receipt he used for his patients. The receipt asks for patients to send for the physician in the early part of the day, "when practicable," and warns that accounts that are more than three months overdue will be charged 6 percent interest.

Scratch paper

A list of costs and calculations was done in pencil on this piece of scratch paper (only part of which is shown above). Something called "Last illness" cost $416.40, while the funeral was $225. Further down the piece of paper is a listing for a state inheritance tax of $18.08.

W.H. Stimson Recapitulation

This appears to be a carbon copy titled:
W.H. Stimson Recapitulation
In Account wuth [sic] E.P Stimson

It is dated 1889 and is, indeed, a recapitulation of items such as rent, clothing, a paint job and a "repair after fire."

Inventory (Short Form)

This is one of several typed sheets dealing with "the matter of the Estate of Juliet Stimson late of Tiverton, R.I. Date of death Jan. 16th, 1918." (A separate sheet indicates that Stimson died in Pasadena, California.) Edward P. Stimson was co-executor of the estate. Some of the line items, not all of which are shown above, include:
  • Furniture in Norwich, Vermont, $50
  • 1 old desk, $5
  • 1 pr wool blankets & chintz coverlet, $2
  • 1 stick-pin with pearls, $2
  • 1 Mt. Holyoke "Class-pin," 75 cents
  • 1 watch & 1 locket, old, $5
Juliet Stimson also held several bonds and mortgage notes on at least three individuals in New England. The balance at the bottom of this page is $9,316.07.

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