Monday, March 24, 2014

Trade card of a pixie-like being carrying an egg

Oh, I don't know. Should we call this a pixie? It could also be a fairy, sprite, piskie, spriggan, Bucca, brownie, urisk, hob, or Korrigan. The folklore of the world gives us many options.

Or maybe it's just a friend of Tom Thumb or the hazel-nut child.

Regarding H.L. Adams of State Street in Auburn, New York, I found a few tidbits online:

  • Under "Personal Gossip" in the July 29, 1886, issue of the Auburn Morning Dispatch, it states: "Mrs. H.L. Adams and son Harry are visiting friends in Hannibalville, Otsego county."
  • A classified advertisement in the April 22, 1887, issue of The Weekly Auburnian indicates that H.L. Adams was a druggist (what we now call a pharmacist). In this specific advertisement, he was touting Acker's Blood Elixir.
  • In the mid 1880s, Adams served as the secretary of the Cayuga County Druggists Association.

In my search for information about Adams, I also found some other interesting items in that April 22, 1887, issue of The Weekly Auburnian:

  • "Ed Cannon, Jr., and Sam Alley went hunting a few days ago, walked twelve miles, saw two ducks, shot their guns off, and came home without anything."
  • "Dark, the valuable dog belonging to Jotin Wood, has a broken leg."
  • "Frank Conger is building a large tenant house on the cheese factory lot on South street."
  • "Our old reliable physician, Dr. Matthew Bevier, was thrown from his carriage Monday afternoon, but was not seriously injured."
  • "For several months past citizens have been missing chickens. Wednesday, Curt Fritts was arrested on complaint on Jas. Duryea, who identified fowls which Fritts had sold at Sherman's meat market. Chas. Arnold was also involved in the affair but revealed everything and was not arrested. Fritts will have his examination Monday. It is reported that he has served one term in a Connecticut State prison."

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