Monday, April 21, 2014

A nostalgic peek at a kitchen from eight decades ago

This color photograph is featured inside the 1933 edition of All About Home Baking, which was published by the General Foods Corporation.

Why did cupboards with glass doors fall out of style, anyway? Too expensive? It seems like they're really convenient. Find what you want before you go opening half the doors in the kitchen.

It's interesting to see what's changed and what hasn't, with regard to the products show here. Jell-O, Calumet double-acting baking powder, Grape-Nuts, Baker's Chocolate, Instant Postum and Sanka coffee are some of the items that are identifiable.

And how about this one? Is it the side of a Log Cabin Syrup container?

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  1. My Grandma used to always order "Sanka" when she was out for lunch. I believe it was one of the first decaf coffees. They always had pots of coffee and Sanka...didn't use the work "decaf"'.

  2. Most of the products in the cabinet are still around today!