Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Well-loved 1942 Borden recipe booklet

Sure, it's neat to come across a pristine vintage cookbook. And as a part-time dealer of used books, I know that the value of old books can rise considerably based upon their condition. But, as a part-time ephemera collector, I also think it's neat to come across old paper that is well-worn and meant something to somebody.

There is no doubt that the booklet shown above — a 24-page collection of recipes from Borden — was an important part of someone's kitchen for many decades. The cover is creased from top to bottom and reinforced with tape around the edges. The year of publication (1942) has been printed in the upper-right corner, along with the notation that this booklet contains canned milk recipes. The corners are worn and there are numerous smudge marks inside from someone flipping through the pages.

This booklet was well-loved and well-used. And that's pretty cool.

As to whether the recipes are magic, as Elsie the Cow claims in the cover illustration ... well, that's another question.

Here are the names of some of the recipes listed inside. Let me know in the comments what one(s) you want me to share, and I'll do so in a future post.
  • Apricot coconut balls
  • Molasses taffy
  • Peanut butter fruit confections
  • Six way cookies
  • Unbaked brownies
  • Baked cocoa custard
  • Chocolate orange frosting
  • Tutti-frutti ice cream
  • Magic chocolate pie
  • Magic lemon meringue pie
  • Magic prunecot pie
  • Fluffy chocolate pudding
  • Magic mayonnaise
  • Magic fruit cream sauce
  • Surprise apple cake