Sunday, May 11, 2014

A postcard mailed in 1910 and some Sunday night reading

First up tonight is the front and back of a postcard that was postmarked on August 8, 1910.

The odd illustration1 on the front of the card is supplemented by the following note from the sender: "While out driving this is your dog Limey." (At least, I think the name written there is Limey.)

The postcard was mailed with a 1¢ stamp to Jim Wells [?] of Etters, here in York County, Pennsylvania. The recipient's further address was RFD No. 2, Box 41. Etters, a neighborhood in the northern part of the county, is still the name of a post office.

The Post Card Union of America, based in Philadelphia, was apparently the early 1900s version of Postcrossing. Its members were able to exchange postcards across the nation and world. Here are a few classified advertisements from magazines, all circa 1907-1908:

  • 10,000 POST CARD EXCHANGERS are members of our Union. Oldest, largest — covers the world. 50c. lists your name, making you a member, with full outfit. Post Card Union of America, 1020 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
  • 10,000 Post Card Exchangers read the Post Card Union Magazine, official journal of the POST CARD UNION OF AMERICA. The Army and Navy Boys have a special department under which their names are listed. Your name will be listed, with a full membership outfit and two copies of the Magazine, for 50c., every month. Your name will reach all our members and you will receive many handsome cards. The Union also furnishes post cards to its members at Low Rates.
  • 10,000 POST CARD EXCHANGERS read the Post Card Union Magazine, 25c lists your name, including two-year subscription, cards, rubbers stamp and membership in the POST CARD UNION OF AMERICA, 1044 Arch St., Philadelphia.

Oddly, similar magazine advertisements list 1022 Arch Street and 1042 Arch Street as the organization's address. So I don't know what the deal was with its office location.

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Moving along, here is my latest collection (I'm trying to do this twice a month) of links to interesting stuff the caught my eye online. It leads off with a rare article that mentions author Ruth Manning-Sanders. There are also some good reads about ephemera, modern culture and lifestyles, history and the environment. I hope you find something that piques your interest!

Visual footnote
1. With regard to the postcard illustration, this is a magnification of the artist's signature...


  1. Interesting. I have several postcards with the PCU stamp on them (a paper or ink stamp indicating that the card is being sent as part of a PCU sanctioned exchange) and have tried to find out a little more about the organization, without success. It would be interesting to see the magazine, if any exist, but I've drawn a blank on that so far as well.

  2. I'm thinking "Tiney" might be the dog's name. An odd spelling, of course.

  3. Hi Chris, I know this post is from 2014, but I was researching a political card about Philly political Boss (Israel Wilson) Durham with a cartoon signed by the artist in your visual foot note above: FReaudouin ? The card was produced by Post Card Union of America, 1004 Arch St. Phila. I'll send you a scan of it if you like.
    Thanks for your post and the details about PCU.