Friday, May 16, 2014

Wouldn't life be more fun if we all had ultrasonic cycloplanes?

  • Title: Tom Swift and His Ultrasonic Cycloplane
  • Author: Victor Appleton II
  • Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
  • Year: 1957
  • Cover illustration: J. Graham Kaye (who also did some work for The Saturday Evening Post over the years)
  • Notes: The cycloplane in this photograph from the archives of the San Diego Air and Space Museum looks nothing like Mr. Swift's contraption. ... This book one of the "New Tom Swift Jr. Adventures." These titles in this series were not subtle. They involved flying labs, jetmarines, rocket ships, giant robots, atomic earth blasters, diving seacopters, deep-sea hydrodomes and, my favorite, "the caves of nuclear fire." ... Here is how Ultrasonic Cycloplane begins...
    "YOU mean this little gadget can rev up a big enough storm to fly your new cycloplane?"

    Through the greenish quartz-glass window of his protective helmet, Bud Barclay stared in amazement at his pal, Tom Swift.

    The young inventor chuckled. "An ultrasonic storm, Bud. You can't see it or hear it, but it packs a terrific wallop!"

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