Saturday, May 24, 2014

Masonic Widows and Orphans Home, and a note to Greaner

This postcard, which was postmarked on August 23, 1909, features the "Masonic Widows' and Orphans' Home, Louisville, Ky."

The building shown is the original home, which was used from 1869 until 1927. Over the years, this first structure — which housed mostly the orphans and widows of Civil War soldiers — was damaged by a tornado and eventually suffered from overcrowding because of World War I and the 1918 flu pandemic. A new, larger facility, with its own working farm to feed residents, was constructed and opened in 1927. The new building served as an orphanage until 1989 and is now solely used for senior care.

This postcard was addressed to Mr. Greaner Mason of Richmond, Virginia. The short note, in cursive writing, states:
"Hello Greaner
How are you. Would you like to have a nickel.
I don't reckon we'll ever be privy to knowing what that meant.

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