Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mystery photo of a woman and a girl in (maybe) a backyard

This week's mystery photo features a pair of people in what looks like a very narrow backyard. (Or perhaps it's a penned area on a farm.) The photo has no date or identifications. Nothing is written on it all, front or back.

The small photograph is mounted on a piece of cardboard that measures 4¾ inches wide by 3¾ inches tall.

The photo itself measures just 3⅛ by 2⅛ inches. Here's a closer look at it...

Do we have any guesses on what time period this is from? It's a shame, as always, that we don't have any additional clues to help us with the place or people shown here.

We don't even know 100% for sure if this is a mother and daughter.

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