Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book cover: "Beyond Time and Space"

  • Title: Beyond Time and Space
  • Editor: August Derleth
  • Cover illustrator: Robert E. Schulz
  • Publisher: Berkley Books (G-104)
  • Year: 1958
  • Back-cover blurb: "Here are magnificent tales of the incredible future when mankind will have fulfilled its destiny and when the Sputniks will seem as outdated as the horse and buggy seems today. You will read about life on other planets, the problems of driving a space ship to the stars, the ages to come when machines have evolved into unbelievable complexity. Man is at the dawn of a whole new era and these stories explore the question of what this new era will be like."
  • Notes: This 35¢ paperback features only 25 percent of the stories from the 651-page hardcover edition published in 1950 by Pellegrini & Cudahy. The hardcover edition has 32 tales, while only eight of them appear in this paperback. ... Authors featured in the paperback are Robert A. Heinlein, Theodore Sturgeon, Donald Wandrei, Clark Ashton Smith, A.E. Van Vogt, Olaf Stapledon, Edmond Hamilton and Frank Belknap Long. The hardcover, meanwhile, spans the centuries and also contains works by Plato, Lucian of Samosata, Sir Thomas More, Francis Bacon, Jonathan Swift, H.G. Wells, William Hope Hodgson, Fritz Leiber and Ray Bradbury. ... Editor August William Derleth (1909-1971) had prodigious career output as both a writer and anthologist, but is best known for first publishing the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, for officially naming and augmenting Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, and for founding Arkham House in 1939. ... Cover artist Schulz lived from 1928 to 1978 and, according to the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, did the cover illustrations for more than two dozen books during his lifetime. My favorites are probably Sands of Mars and I, Robot. (And Echo in the Skull is probably the most bizarre one.) ... Finally, speaking of "driving a space ship to the stars," you might want to check out this week's story on io9 titled "Here's NASA's New Design for a Warp Drive Ship."

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