Monday, July 28, 2014

Vintage snapshot: It looks like a nice day to go camping

Any camping fans out there? Our family does a lot of short hikes and visits to lakes and other outdoor recreational areas. But I haven't actually gone camping in, oh, forever. I stayed in a cabin with electricity during a trip out West in the early 1990s, but I don't think that counts. So I believe I would have to go all the way back to my Boy Scout or Webelos outings in central Pennsylvania in the mid 1980s for my last true camping trip. Perhaps a summer trip to Camp Karoondinha, outside Mifflinburg, was my last camping adventure.

Anyway, this is a neat vintage snapshot. It looks like this man's tent has been set up on a wooden or concrete slab. So he didn't have to worry about uneven ground, rocks or creepy crawlers. Also, it means he's not truly out in the deep woods, removed from civilization. There is a level of comfort.

I don't know what decade this is front, but perhaps the glimpses we have of two vehicles in the photograph can provide some insight.

The man looks nice and relaxed. (All he needs, perhaps, is a good book.) I think my wife would find his outfit interesting, especially the dark socks with his shoes.

Final tidbit: The back of the photo has some damage from where it was once glued into an album. But it appears that there is a stamp for STEEL'S PICTURE SERVICE. There was once a business with that name in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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