Saturday, August 9, 2014

Judy, a black cat and a ghost book

BOO! Here's the best vintage photograph you'll see this week.

It's Judy Garland hugging a black cat and reading a book titled Ghost's Night Out (which I believe is fictitious).

The photograph was taken in 1938 by Eric Carpenter, according to Books and Art, the Tumblr from which I'm reblogging this. I might attempt to recreate this shot with Mr. Bill, one of our black cats. Maybe for Halloween.

The Garland photo kind of reminds me of one of my favorite illustrations of all-time, from this October 2011 post.


  1. Yeah that book cover is totally fictitious. No publisher, no colophon, no author--no nothing.

  2. Just saw the photo on 'Pointless' the British game show, couldn't find the book either, though there is a book of the same title from 2012, I wonder was it's title inspired by this photo.