Monday, September 8, 2014

1912 postcard: "The girls wish to be remembered."

I'm assuming this is a real photo postcard, featuring a hillside house with three people standing in front of it. It was postmarked at 9 p.m. on September 23, 1912, in Conneaut, Ohio, a small city along Lake Erie, and mailed to Mr. Ralph Kurtz1 in Carey, Ohio, a village nearly 200 miles to the west.2

The note, in cursive writing, on the back of the card states:
"Dear Ralph, How did your pictures come out. Mama said to be sure and send her some of the pictures you took when she was home. What was the trouble your mother and Hugh did not come for a nice, quiet time. The girls wish to be remembered. Edith."
Meanwhile, here is a magnified look at the three individuals on the front of the postcard.

Is one of them Edith?
Who are the girls who wish to be remembered?
Where was this house?

So many questions...

1. It's very possible that this is the Ralph Kurtz referred to the postcard. He lived from 1891 to 1980.
2. Carey's motto is "Rock Solid Since 1858!"

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