Thursday, October 30, 2014

Covers from three 1950s issues of Cats Magazine

On one hand, this post is a day late, because yesterday was officially National Cat Day. But let's face it. Pretty much every day is National Cat Day. It's all about them. So here you go, fellow cat lovers. Enjoy these three covers from 1950s issues of Cats Magazine.

This magazine was, according to its masthead, combined with Alice Graydon Phillips' Our Cats. It was published out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by Raymond D. Smith, who also served as editor. These issues include advertisements for products such as 3 Little Kittens All-Fish Cat Food, Cat Comfort absorbent litter, Felix's Maltolatum (for hairballs), Puss 'n Boots cat food, and Pet Pamper cat litter from the Southern Ezy-Mix Co. of Memphis, Tennessee.

Some of the article titles include "Cats' Bill of Rights Year," "Breeding Possibilities Inherent in Longhairs," "The Meowless Kittens," "Summer and Your Cat," "School of Feline Drama," and — gasp — "Cats Are Stupid."

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