Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October, which is the month for Ghostly Fun

I didn't want to let the first day of October, the best month of the year, end without a reference to Halloweeny things.

As a bonus, this post ties in perfectly with the Scholastic Book Club series that began earlier today.

Pictured is the cover illustration for Ghostly Fun, which was written by Ann McGovern and published in 1970 by Scholastic Book Services.

It's a book of goofy games, jokes, riddles and puzzles. The kind of wonderfully punny jokes my daughter loves. There are sections titled Ghostly Giggles, Funtastic Fortunes and The Disappearing Demon Game. "You'll laugh your head off," states the text on the back cover. "Hours of grisly fun for all boy-demons and girl-ghouls."

An Amazon reviewer named David wrote the following about this Scholastic book in 2007: "I read it every day in the 1st grade and recently purchased it again. It brings back all the fun of being a little kid who liked to play ghosts and haunted house!"


For grown-ups, here are some other fun and spooky links and items I've come across recently:

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