Thursday, October 2, 2014

Scholastic Fest: #24, Doctor Dolittle Tales

(Note: This series started yesterday with this post.)

  • Title: Doctor Dolittle Tales
  • Author/illustrator: Hugh Lofting (1886-1947)
  • Publisher: Scholastic Book Services
  • Year: Third printing, August 1968
  • Excerpt:
    "He was very fond of animals and kept many kinds of pets. Besides the goldfish in the pond at the bottom of his garden, he had rabbits in the pantry, white mice in his piano, a squirrel in the linen closet, and a hedgehog in the cellar. He had a cow with a calf too, and an old lame horse — twenty-five years of age — and chickens, and pigeons, and two lambs, and many other animals. But his favorite pets were Dab-Dab the duck, Jip the dog, Gub-Gub the baby pig, Polynesia the parrot, and the owl Too-Too."
  • Notes: This 144-page book has numerous copyrights, the most recent of which is in 1968 by Christopher Lofting, who was Hugh Lofting's son and the executor of his literary estate. It would seem that this book features a selection and/or abridgement of Doctor Dolittle stories from other books, as Doctor Dolittle Tales is not the title of any of the 12 books in the primary Dolittle oeuvre. ... Chapter titles include "Puddleby," "More Money Troubles," "Polynesia," "The Purple Bird of Paradise," "Hawk's Head Mountain," "The Coronation of King Jong," and "Shellfish Language at Last." ... The back cover promotes the 1967 movie Doctor Dolittle, featuring Rex Harrison, Richard Attenborough and Peter Bull, among others.

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