Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vintage postcard: "Rally Day for all the little folks..."

It's been a while since I featured a vintage Rally Day postcard, so here's one from the early 1920s that was mailed to "Master Loyd Hardy" in "city." Loyd is possibly a misspelling of "Lloyd." And it's amazing to think there was a time when "city" sufficed for an address.

Hammond Publishing Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was responsible for this card. It provided supplies and publications for churches and Sunday School classes in the early part of the century, but has long since faded from memory. The website Historic Highlandlake features a cradle roll (a church listing of very young children) that was published in 1906 by Hammond Publishing.

The signature on the bottom of this postcard looks like "G.G. Sautyman," but I don't think that guess is correct.

* * *

Finally, just because, here's part of the postcard reimagined as an early 20th century illustration of zombie children descending upon on a church.

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