Thursday, March 5, 2015

1910 postcard to Conyngham: "I'm going to take a trip."

The vintage joke postcard — and it's a bit of a cruel prank that's pictured — was published by Bamforth & Co. of Holmfirth, England, and New York.1 It was mailed in January 1910 from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, to Conyngham, Pennsylvania, a small borough in Luzerne County that is named after American Revolution hero Captain Gustavus Conyngham (pictured at right).2

The postcard was addressed to Albert G. Harvey and the message on the back states:
"Look for me Saturday Evening on the 8 O'clock train. I expect Uncle Frank will be with me. Uncle James."

1. Previous posts featuring Bamforth & Co. postcards include:
2. Fun fact: Conyngham's sister village is Drums.

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