Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I hope Yuriy Sosnitskiy becomes a famous artist

I recently sent a Postcrossing card to Yuriy and Nataly Sosnitskiy in Kharkov, Ukraine. After receiving it, Nataly emailed me:
"We are very happy to have such a beautiful postcard with cool postmarks! Yuriy especially like postmark with a Batman:) He is a painter and now he illustrated his own book for children. You can see his work in google - Yuriy Sosnitskiy. We also dream about our own business."
So, of course, I Googled Yuriy and ... wow!

Here are a few of his pieces of artwork that I really loved...


Road to Home


Odessa No3


See more of Yuriy's artwork here. I told them that I hope his work finds a wider audience and appreciation in the near future. Some of his paintings would look great as prints on a wall. But, of course, I also told them that these would make great postcards! (More my price range, too.) Nataly said that was indeed their hope, too, and that they're especially excited about Yuriy's new children's book. "We hope to send you our own card some day," she concluded.

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  1. Thank you, Chris, for such wonderful words! Yuriy and Nataly