Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ephemera for Lunch #19:
Virginia and her friends

This found photo features a group of schoolgirls standing outside what I assume is their school. The photo itself measures only 3½ inches across, and so we have an opportunity to see it at a higher magnification here.

There is no date. But we do have some names. As you can see, "Virginia" is written on the front. On the back, in pencil, are the following names:

  • Evelyn Asbury
  • Shirley Wilkens
  • Pat [?] Barksdale [?]
  • Shirely [sic?] Page
  • Joyce Wilkens
  • Virginia Murray [possibly Virginia Murry]

Here's a closer look at the group of young ladies. Any guesses on the decade?

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