Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ephemera for Lunch #20:
Mystery classroom (1907-1929)

This one's a mystery, for sure. And possibly forever.

It's a real photo postcard featuring a large group of schoolchildren and their teacher in a nondescript classroom. The postcard was never used or written on. And there is no identifying information in the classroom.

All we know, since this is a NOKO postcard (per the logo in the stamp box), is that it was produced sometime between 1907 and 1929. (I suppose it's possible that a couple of these kids could still be alive and in their 90s, but that might be a stretch.)

Here are some closer looks at the students...

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  1. I am impressed with the "no slouch" posture of these individual students. Everyone is sitting up very straight. I really don't think this is a one room school house. All of the students look like they are basically the same age. Because of that, I believe this school is a city school where msny students of the same age wwere housed in their particular grade. I don't think you would want to mess with this teacher. She has the look of a very strict teacher. I wonder who the man is sitting in the very back row? Perhaps he was the principal or the county school director. Neat postcard - I wish this postcard could talk and tell us of the things that occurred inside the halls of this school a hundred years ago.