Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kind witch and little pumpkinheads: 1922 Halloween postcard

Here's a Totally Not Scary Hallowe'en postcard with the following greeting:

A bat and a cat, green-
eyed pumpkins, too,
A nice crawly mouse and
best wishes for YOU

The "bat" in this case is the kind-looking old witch in a red cape. We also have, as described, a black cat, a caught mouse and a group of little pumpkin creatures with faces, sprouting from the ground. (It's not clear if they can move or if they are rooted, literally, to their spots.)

The pumpkin creatures look happy and friendly, except for the one to the right of the witch, who seems — and I'm surely reading too much into this — to be concerned for the welfare of the mouse.

The card was published by Whitney Valentine Co. of Worcester, Massachusetts, which was in business from 1858 to 1942. (Read more about that company's history at

The card was postmarked on October 28, 1922 and mailed with a one-cent green George Washington stamp to a woman in Louisville.

As best as I can tell, the cursive note reads:
"Dear Sister
Just a few lines to let you know that we are well and hope you are the same. How is the folks getting along these days. I talked to Elsie a few days ago on the phone and she said She was not mad at me and She invited us to come down to her new house. Hoping to hear from you soon. With love to all.
41 Longwood Ave.
Roxbury, Mass."

(Anyone else think Elsie was mad and was setting a trap?)

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