Monday, December 21, 2015

Embossed postcard: A hearty Christmas Wish

As we kick off Christmas Week in the soon-to-be-sweltering Northeast, here's a mystery vintage postcard (no date, no publisher indicated) featuring a well-dressed girl pulling a small sled that carries her doll.

She has what looks like a sprig of some evergreen tucked into her hat, which is a festive touch.

Almost everything on this "A hearty Christmas Wish" postcard — girl, sled, borders and text — is embossed. The longer piece of text states:

I wish you a Merry Christmas
Just as grown Folks do and
I wish that all your Christmas
Dream may really come true

The postcard was never stamped or mailed, but there's a short note written on the back, in light pencil. Something about William, a cousin and "he will be taken." The sloppy cursive is too difficult to fully decipher.

The only other clue on the card is the "C-174" in the lower-left corner on the front. Which is not much of a clue.

I did discover a postcard, on, that clearly came from the same series back in the day. That one was used and postmarked in 1915, which sounds about right for this one.

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