Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Reader submission: Amazing collection of vintage Cheerful Cards

My December 2012 post on the Cheerful Card Company has received more comments and feedback than any other Papergreat post. I am sorry, many times over, that I made flippant and derogatory statements about Cheerful Cards in that original post, speculating that they were a mail-marketing gimmick. I was utterly wrong, as evidenced by all of the glowing comments and memories I've received about the company and its products.

The latest comments have come from Robin in New Orleans, who emailed me a bundle of photos of vintage Cheerful Cards and shared the following:
"Absolutely NOT a sucker gimmick. I am 70 and sold the cards when I was eight and nine. I made $25 the first year, which paid all but $5.00 of my mother's monthly mortgage payment! It was my first success in life and I look back at it fondly. I still have a set of folders with cards attached. ... The best sellers were the kittens. I have only a few things from my childhood. The fact that I kept these for over 60 years shows that I felt proud of myself succeeding as a little salesgirl."
Here are the rest of the photographs that Robin was kind enough to share. Keep the stories and memories coming!

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