Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Great stuff to read and unrelated historic illustrations of UFOs

1561, celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg (Wikipedia entry)

OK, the Northeast blizzard is now (literally) water under the bridge. But someday there will be another blizzard. And you'll need things to read. So here's my latest roundup of about two dozen links to articles, essays and journalism you might find interesting. Bookmark them for an emergency! Print them out and stash them in your drawers! (Final note: Not all of these are from the past two months. But a great read is still a great read.)

Books & reading and writing


1783, luminous UFO seen from Windsor Castle (UFO Evidence website)

Current affairs

Arts & culinary

A great read that will make you cry

1803, Utsuro-bune ("Hollow Ship") on the eastern coast of Japan (Wikipedia entry)

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