Monday, April 18, 2016

May you have as much vim and vigor to start your week as this young man

This advertising trade card, about the size of a baseball card, is from "Young, The Hatter" of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

I found a reference in The Clothier and Furnisher, a trade publication, to George H. Young, hatter, of Bethlehem traveling to New York City in February 1894 to purchase spring goods for his business.

I also discovered that a man named George H. Young served as burgess of West Bethlehem Borough for three years, starting around 1890. And a man by that exact name was a stockholder in the the Lansdale & Norristown Electric Railway Company, circa 1901.

It's likely that all of those tidbits refer to the same George H. Young who sold hats to Bethlehem residents more than a century ago. I wonder how many of his advertising cards are still out there?

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