Monday, May 30, 2016

Did your vacation flight look like this postcard?

This postcard is much more restrained than the wacky-sitcom airplane postcard that I featured last November, but it's still a little bit on the silly side and represents an era of relaxed, stress-free air travel that probably never existed and certainly doesn't exist today. (I mean, you can't even get to your flight these days.)

The postcard was mailed from Italy to Yonkers, New York. It touts the new 747 in the fleet of Pan Am (1927-1991). It is "the plane with all the room in the world," the text on the postcard states. Pan Am, in fact, was the airline that introduced the Boeing 747 to passenger air travel in January 1970.

The folks who mailed this postcard were happy with the Pan Am experience. Their short message states:
Hi Bev & Aldo,
Arrived Rome this P.M. Having a wonderful flight. 747 is something. Food is delicious. Next on to Beirut. Will write more later.
Love, Pat.
This is almost certainly the same Pat whose postcard from Jeita Grotto in Lebanon was featured on Papergreat in March. So now we know that particular trip started in Rome. And that Pat had a friend named Aldo.

Now, if we could just do a "Where are they now?" with these two...

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