Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lititz Springs postcard sent in 1940

This cool postcard features Lititz Springs in Lititz, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County). It was published by The Rotograph Company of New York City and printed in Germany.

I'm going to make the assumption that the scene pictured here is from Lititz Springs Park. The seven-acre site has a long history, and the first recorded use of it for social recreation was in 1778. You can find a great and detailed history of the park on its website. Here's one of my favorite tidbits:
"In addition to its beautiful stream, its shaded walkways and its well-kept, natural environment, the Park was decorated in 1857 by a lion's head elegantly carved by J. Augustus Beck, a native of Lititz; and strategically placed to the right of the spring-head near the steps. Sometime later, Paul E. Beck, his father, Abraham; and his brother, Herbert, put a stone tablet into the wall at the Springs' head-end, upon which was engraved a German inscription, Gottes Brunnlein hat Wasser die Fulle ('God's Fount is never failing.')"
I've never been to Lititz Springs Park, but I'm definitely going to check it out now and take my camera. On the right day, with the right light, it could reap some dandy pictures.

This postcard was postmarked on October 4, 1940, in Richmond, Virginia. The cursive message states:
If tomorrow Wed — is clear — we are coming to Charlottesville — expect to reach there about 11 — wish you could come over and meet us there — we will not have time to go to Covesville — of course if it rains we will not start — we can spend two or three hours in Charlottesville and hope we can see you — Love to all

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