Sunday, July 31, 2016

1911 postcard: "Wish we were playmates again"

This old postcard features an image of the toddler being enchanted by a bubble, and it has the printed caption "HIS HAPPIEST HOURS." It was published by Bamforth & Co. of Holmfirth, England, and printed in Germany.1

A poignant note has been written in cursive on the front. It states:
"wish we were playmates again. remember the fun in days gone by?"
The card was postmarked on January 1, 1911, in Buffalo, New York, and mailed to a woman named Lillian.2 There's a street address, followed by the word "City," so I'm assuming that means Buffalo. There is no additional message on the back of the card. And nothing to indicate who wrote the message. But Lillian obviously knew, and she kept this postcard for a time, too.

1. Three previous Papergreat posts have featured Bamforth & Co. postcards:
2. Also on January 1, 1911: The first issue of Boys' Life magazine (originally Barton's Boys' Life) was published and baseball slugger Hank Greenberg was born.

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  1. Lillian's last name was "Voezel":