Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cartoon postcard from Germany featuring gondola lift and goat

This cartoon postcard, mailed from Germany in 1966, features a colorful group of characters ascending a mountain in a crowded gondola lift while a goat casts a wary eye at them.

The German caption states:
Mit Gesang ünd Holladiööh fährt die Seilbahn in die Höh Da oben gibt es Bier und Kaas-Auf Dein Wohl trink ich ńe Maß.
Google Translate wasn't a complete help in translating this. Some words, such as Holladiööh, don't translate at all. But the gist is something about singing on the cable car and drinking to your health. Any additional help from a German speaker would be greatly appreciated.

The card was postmarked in Bad Reichenhall, Germany, on May 20, 1966. Here's a look at the postmark and stamp...

It was sent to an address in Kenilworth, New Jersey, home of the notorious Sam the Plumber. Here's the note:
"Dear Richie
Grandma & Grandpa is in the Alps. You should see all the snow up on top the mountains. Richie how are the Games. Don't feel to [sic] bad if your team loses. Uncle Herman say that bilds [sic] the man. You got to be a good Loser. Keep on doing your best. Love your Grandma & Grandpa."

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  1. Translation: "With singing and yodel-a-hee-hoo,
    the cable car goes to the top.
    Up there, there is beer and cheese*.
    'To your health!' I'll drink a** tankard."

    *The German word for "cheese" is "Käse". In this instance, however, the Dutch monosyllabic equivalent "Kaas" was used, as that rhymes with the German "Maß" (a "tankard" or "measure" -- basically, a mug for beer).

    **The singular feminine indefinite article in German is the disyllabic "eine". Here the monosyllabic contraction "'ne" was used to maintain rhythm.

    The character in red is sitting next to a sign which reads "Do not lean out" (which is exactly what he is doing). On his shirt is written "ski school".

    At the front of the funicular is a sign which reads "mountain station".