Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gorgeous endpapers in 1895's "The Young Conductor"

The Young Conductor or Winning His Way is a 246-page novel that was published in 1895 by The John C. Winston Company of Philadelphia.

The young conductor of the book's title is a character named Dick Farrallon, who is described as "one of the brightest and manliest boys."

The Young Conductor was written by Edward S. Ellis (1840-1916), who had more than a dozen pseudonyms, including James Fenimore Cooper Adams and Boynton M. Belknap. According to the biographical page at the back of this book, "the high moral character, the clean, manly tendencies and the admirable literary style of Mr. Ellis' stories have made him as popular on the other side of the Atlantic as in this country."

But we're not here today for Dick Farrallon or Edward Ellis or any sorts of manliness.

We're here for the pictures.

The coolest thing about this 121-year-old volume is the colorful endpapers. There are separate illustrations in the front and the back. Unfortunately, no artist is credited.

Here they are for your enjoyment. I think the second one will join the ranks of my favorite images presented on Papergreat.

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