Friday, August 26, 2016

Last chance to get your wanderlust on before Labor Day

There's still time for a short road trip or afternoon drive before school days, Labor Day, county fairs, NFL fantasy drafts and everything being flavored with "pumpkin spice" fully kicks in! Here are a few photos — found and family — to inspire, I hope, your sense of wanderlust. The first photo, shown above, was a found photo with absolutely no description included. So you can leave it to your imagination regarding the location of this picturesque scene. Maybe you'll come across it this weekend, when you aren't even looking for it.

Below is one of my grandmother's vacation snapshots. There's no caption on this one either; I'm guessing it's the United Kingdom in the 1970s.

Up next is one more old snapshot with absolutely no information. These folks seem, though, to be enjoying their leisurely time by the lake.

Finally, here's an old postcard that strong on the wanderlust...

It was published at Mrs. A.H. Hardy's Studio in Warner, New Hampshire (site of the 69th annual Warner Fall Foliage Festival in early October), and mailed to the small town of Bradford, New Hampshire, in 1911.

The cursive note on the postcard states:
Dear Frances:
This is one of the Warner views. I suppose you are enjoying the summer. Can't you come over & see us before you go home? We should be glad to see you. Mrs. Clark.
"Mountain View"

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