Monday, August 22, 2016

What on Earth does this have to do with soap?

I came across this vintage advertising trade card on eBay last week, and it's an image that's so bizarre that I need to share it here. For therapy, perhaps.

The trade card is touting some varieties of soap produced by an obscure company called Page, Derr & Co. of Creston, Iowa. The illustration, presumably by Richmond & Co. of Buffalo, New York, features a person who has some sort of fruit or vegetable in the place of his head.

To what end, I do not know.

Is it supposed to be an eggplant? A plum? Is it smoking?

Why is it smoking?

There's a lot that's disturbing about this imagine, which is partly silly but also borderline nightmare fuel. It's probably best that you don't stare at it too long.

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  1. Another question is, if it is smoking, is it smoking from a hole in its neck? I know "vegetable people" were a thing around the turn of the century, particularly Halloween related such as this: