Saturday, August 13, 2016

Old postcard with Claude Grahame-White and a note to Tessie

This creased, torn and taped old postcard is labeled "Grahame-White and Sidney McDonald" and features some men doing what looks like purposeful work on a dirt field. I'm near-certain that the man in the foreground is Claude Grahame-White (1879-1959), an English aviation pioneer. And, according to a news article in the October 29, 1910, issue of the Oakland (California) Tribune, Sidney McDonald was "the birdman's manager."

This postcard, per the white text on the bottom, is "Copyright By Aram, Boston."

There is no date or postmark on the back of this postcard, which was sent with a one-cent stamp to West Kennebunk, Maine.

The cursive note, to the best of my ability to decipher it, states:
Dear Tessie: I write to tell you we have a sunshine meeting at Mrs. Inring's [?] on Sat. night and she wants all to be there and we always have a good time at her house. Can't you and Archie come you will try wait you for I want you to know of some of our work now. I went to see a sick and crippled boy this week and it is a sad sight for he has got to be so as long as he lives. I should want to die now.
OK, then. I didn't realize that note was going to be so depressing when I started to decipher it.

Here's something from the archives to cheer you up.

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