Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Cradle Roll Class of a One Room Sunday School"

Tucked away inside Volume 1 of 1929's The New Human Interest Library1, I found this single page, which had been separated from a smaller, unknown book. It's a photograph labeled "Cradle Roll Class of a One Room Sunday School." A cradle roll is a list of the young children and infants of a church's members. And, as we see in this case, it could also be used to describe the youngest class at a Sunday school.

It would be nice to figure out what book this page originally came from. But I fear that's a long shot. Neither a Google reverse image search nor a search for the specific text of the photo caption turned up any useful leads.

The page itself measures 7⅛ inches by 4⅞ inches, in case that fact ever proves useful down the road.

Here's a closer look at some of the children and the size of the page as it compares to the book it was inside.

1. The New Human Interest Library is, to my surprise, a jaw-droppingly amazing book, especially with regard to its illustrations. I'm going to devote a month or more down the road to all the great stuff in its 400-odd pages. To pique your interest further, I can tell you that the table of contents includes sections on drawing, clay modeling, bookmaking, woodworking, 4-H clubs, art education, children's reading, music education and "conquering self-importance."

For the historical record
While I was writing this post, it was announced that Paul Thomas Anderson's next film, set for a late 2017 release, will star Daniel Day-Lewis and will be set in the 1950s London fashion scene. (Insert your There Will Be Pants joke here.)

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