Friday, September 9, 2016

Non-immediate family member and friend in damaged old photo

We've explored the idea of Water-Stained Works of Art in the realm of postcards quite a bit.1 Today, I present an old photograph — broken, chipped, water-stained and spotted — that I believe still holds aesthetic value. I find this much more interesting than I would an utterly pristine piece of ephemera from 120 years ago. (Though that might also speak to my spot in the collector/appreciator food chain. I'm not the guy buying or even touching high-end ephemera. But I like my spot on the chain.)

At its widest point, this piece of cardboard with an oval photo mounted on it measures 4 inches wide.

The scrawled notes on the back are difficult to decipher. The person on the right could be Marjorie Simmons, a first cousin of my great-grandmother, Greta Chandler Adams.2 And the person on the left is a "friend," possibly named Alice Poole.

I wonder how they spent their childhood days?

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2. A potential Marjorie Simmons was also mentioned in this July post.

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