Sunday, November 9, 2014

Water-stained work of art II:
Princes Point on Orr's Island

This beautifully decrepit postcard, originally mailed in July 1909, ties in with a number of previous Papergreat posts.

1. It is the second post in what is now officially the Water-stained Works of Art series. The first post was back in January and featured the Hudson & Manhattan Subway Terminal. I really love what time and moisture have done to these vintage postcards. In a world of infinite resources, I would make a high-resolution print of the above image and frame it; the best part is the purple outline where the stamp was once located in the upper-left corner.

2. This is the second postcard to feature Orr's Island, Maine. In February 2013, I featured an old (and also water-stained) card showing the island's small post office.

3. All of these postcards tie in with the Georgia Klinefelter Multiverse. As I mentioned previously, Klinefelter must have moved around (or traveled) quite a bit. Decades later, her water-stained postcard collection ended up in the antiques store in York New Salem, where I purchased some of them. Here are links to previous posts featuring cards sent or received by Klinefelter:

Today's postcard, from July 1909, finds the well-traveled Miss Georgia B. Klinefelter in San Juan, Porto Rico (as Puerto Rico was often spelled in the early 20th century). It is sent in care of the "N.Y. & P.R. S.S. Co." That's a reference to the New York & Porto Rico Steamship Co.

The postcard was written by someone named Elizabeth, who writes:
"I am having a lovely time in Maine. I will leave the twenty fourth. The water is right in front of our house. Every thing is lovely. We have a sail-boat and I love to sail. I wish you were here. Lots of love, Elizabeth."
As a final note: While this 1909 postcard and the title of this blog post refer to the location as Princes Point, most historical sources use an apostrophe. So it's probably correct to write Prince's Point. And yes, Elizabeth, it's lovely.

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