Friday, November 14, 2014

Tiny photos #5: Women near rocks

This is one of the larger "Tiny Photos" featured this week. But, once again, the relevant portion of the vintage photograph — the group of three women — is only about an inch wide.

Let's take a closer look at them...

Those are interesting outfits. Pants. Loafers. White socks. Fashionable headscarves. What kind of outing was this? What are the black boxes that two of them are carrying? Cameras, perhaps?

It looks like a wet day in very early spring; there seem to be some buds on some of the branches. The rocks remind me a little of Devil's Den in Gettysburg, but are hardly distinctive enough to make a definitive identification.

Here's a final zoom-in on their faces...

Any guesses on their ages? I could see anything from 18 to 28 being viable.

We can magnify these old photos, you see, but so many questions remain (forever) unanswered.

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