Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tiny photos #2: All bundled up

Day 2 of Tiny Vintage Photographs brings a photo that's not too small. It's 4½ inches wide. But the relevant portion of the image, three people standing next to a car, is only about 1½ inches wide.

So let's take a closer look!

Those are some pretty snazzy hats and overcoats — real fur I be (unfortunately). I might have been a bit breezy, given that the woman on the right appears to be holding her hat on.

Are we looking at a father and two daughters here? Or perhaps the woman on the right is the man's wife?

Let's zoom in even closer on the faces.

Yes, the woman on the right could definitely be the same age as the man in the middle. I'm not sure about the woman on the left, though. She could be a bit younger or about the same age as the other two. It's difficult to tell from her features.

Any thoughts on the people in the picture and/or what decade this is from?

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