Friday, September 16, 2016

Tattered old dust jacket featuring farmyard chickens

For our second chicken-themed post in a row, here's the front of the poor-condition dust jacket that accompanies a hardcover of Rose, Robin and May by M.E. Drewsen. The book's subtitle is "A Story of Country Life." There is no publication date listed inside, but we know this one was published by Pickering & Inglis Ltd. of London, and that it was part of the Sunshine Series.1 An internet search reveals that several editions of this book were published between the late 1930s and late 1950s. My guess would be that this particular edition came after World War II.

There is a bookseller label for Loizeaux Bros. of New York City on the inside front cover, and this volume has clearly been through numerous sellers' hands over the decades. There are two second-hand prices written on the first page; one for 15 cents and one for 20 dollars.

According to the book's description on the inside portion of the dust jacket, it involves a trio of orphans (the girls from the title) who find themselves at Honeysuckle Farm, where life is pleasant but the pleasantries are often interrupted by Aunt Sarah and her temper. "Town boys and Girls will enjoy this tale, country ones will appreciate it," states the text.

I can't find much about author Drewsen. Some of his/her other titles included Gracie and Grant, Hazel Glen, Henrik's Forest Home, Fisher Dan and His Little Friend, and Neddie Gardner. The only review I can find for any of Drewsen's works is this positive Goodreads review of Henrik's Forest Home, which was posted one year ago:
"A sweet and simple story about four Danish children living in a forest. There's the sturdy orphan Henrik, his frail innocent cousin Marie, her rambunctious brother Carl, and the cheeky rich girl, Laura, visiting for the summer. To tell you the truth, not too much happens in the story. There is a mystery to solve, and Marie's health becomes quite dire. But the plot is less important than time spent with these delightful children, their beautiful world and their simple faith. This would make a delightful bedtime book to read aloud to children. It's set in the early nineteen hundreds, and was written some time before 1948 as that's when my Dad received it as a Sunday School present. Despite this, it would be very accessible for modern readers."

The author is female. Her full name was Mary Emma Drewsen. Inexpensive modern editions of some of her works are available from Bible Truth Publishers.

1. The Sunshine Series, quite oddly, also included The Dullest Boy and Uncle Tom's Cabin.

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