Friday, September 16, 2016

Peaceful autumnal Postcrossing card from Russia

This card came via Postcrossing user Galina, who lives in northern Russia in the Murmansk Oblast1, which borders Finland and Norway. The quiet autumn scene is titled "Road to Nowhere," which sounds perfect.2 The credited photographer is Nikita Gladkiy.

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1. Here are some "Today I Learned..." facts about Murmansk Oblast (Мурманская область): (1) It resides almost entirely within the Arctic Circle; (2) It used to have a much higher percentage of Saami residents, but most of them resettled in Finland following the Paris Peace Treaties of 1947; (3) It is home to Severomorsk, which serves as the base for Russian Northern Fleet; (4) Animals that can be found there include reindeer, red and arctic foxes, wolverines, moose, otters, lynx, and numerous types of seals.
2. Unless that's where you find The Man from Nowhere.

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