Thursday, October 13, 2016

On having an old dog

OK, I know I don't have to share everything here, but...

...this piece of ephemera was a back-and-forth exchange our household members had this morning regarding our dog Coby.

Coby is a black goldendoodle who turns 13 on October 22 and is, of course, a very good boy. In his old age, he is suffering from a bad leg, arthritis, breathing issues and an occasional touch of dementia. Unfortunately, his path to the backyard to do his business involves going down three steps, which can be difficult for him at times.

So this week a ramp was built to skip two of the steps and help ease his potty trips. But it turned out that he either doesn't like the ramp or is too confused about how to use it. So we've been coaching him to get him adapted to using it. Obviously, it's important that he "goes potty."

That all led to this note detailing his potty progress — and encouraging successes — this morning. It's a keeper. I'm sure it will bring us some smiles and chuckles in the future.

But, mostly, I just wanted to put "YAY FOR POOPING!!" on the blog.

Enjoy your day.

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