Monday, October 31, 2016

Vintage Halloween postcard:
"Make a ring of pumpkin seeds..."

Make a ring of pumpkin seeds
An odd old-fashioned charm,
Makes the goblins howl with fear
And keeps you safe from harm.

That's the verse on the front of this trippy old Halloween postcard, which was mailed to Mr. George Pritchard of South Whitley, Indiana, but has a postmark that's too faded to read.

The illustration shows a quite-calm woman in a white dress who is, indeed, sprinkling a circle of pumpkin sets around her while a parade of witches and goblins gather. It's not clear how long she'll have to remain inside this ring. Or why the goblins looks like Martians.

A post on the blog Disenchanted & Co. has a couple of other postcards that are clearly from this same artist and series. The goblins have the exact same look. And those cards also contain four lines of verse.

The witches and goblins — such creative illustrations — really are the best part of this postcard. They're unlike anything else I've seen on the imaginative postcards of this era. Here are some closer looks at some of them...

Bonus mystery

This postcard to Mr. George Pritchard does not contain a standard note. Instead, it contains what appears to be a code. Morse code, perhaps, with its series of dots and dashes. Take a look...

If it's Morse Code, however, my attempts to translate the first portion of the message were thwarted, because this is what I came up with:


Is there a code layered within the code? Or was it just silly pseudo-code to begin with? Someone will have to dive into this mystery and get back to us.

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