Monday, November 28, 2016

Old postcard: "Ice Skating Pond" at Kanaya Hotel

This vintage postcard features a group of women who are far better at standing while wearing ice skates than I am. (My only ice-skating experience, at Penn State in the early 1990s, involved a lot of falling on my butt and a few spectacular face-plants, too.)

The undated, unused postcard, labeled "Ice Skating Pond," is from the rink "in the Compound of Kanaya Hotel, Nikko."

The hotel, which caters to Western travelers, dates to 1873 and has hosted Isabella Bird, Frank Lloyd Wright, Albert Einstein, Charles Lindbergh, Helen Keller and Jack Nicklaus, among others. Read more about the hotel at its English-language website. They have Wi-Fi these days, but I'm not so sure about the status of the ice-skating pond.

You can read more about that pond and see some beautiful vintage images of past ice skating at Old Tokyo.

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