Sunday, January 15, 2017

Germany after World War II: Peaceful flowers and landscapes

Here's a book that works to highlight the bucolic side of Germany (and Switzerland), a few years after the end of World War II.

It's a paperback volume (with a dust jacket) titled Blühende Welt, which translates to "Flowering World." The other phrase featured on the cover is Naturaufnahmen, which means "nature photography."

The book was published in 1949 by Langewiesche-Bücherei and, according to an English-language note on the bottom of the title page, it was a "publication authorised by Publications Control Branch, Frankfurt Det. Information Control Division OMG for Hesse." This was a government office run by the United States. OMG stands for Office of Military Government. The military government, created after the end of World War II, administered the area of Germany and sector of Berlin controlled by the United States Army. It was in place from May 1945 until December 1949. Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia that describes how information was controlled:
"During the initial first months of the US occupation of Germany, the US Army proceeded to create a monopoly over informational and mass media, shutting down newspapers, radios, and journals. As such, US media sources were the only mass media available in occupied Germany, provided primarily by Radio Luxemburg, US Army information fliers (Mitteilungblätter), and Army newspapers. With the assumption of control by the Office of Military Government, this process of media monopolization gave way to gradual inclusion of German media under the auspices of strict censorship and oversight by the [Information Control Division]. In 1945, the ICD assessed and vetted an initial 73 German editors to resume operations of paper media, newspapers, and journals. Though the ICD and OMGUS assumed a stance of open and positive inclusion by Germans removed from Nazi affiliation, these editors operated under conditions of post-publication censorship, whereby non-compliance could lead to the revocation of media licenses."
But enough about controlling the media! Let's enjoy some beautiful flowers...

Frühlingswiese im Hochgebirge
Spring meadow in the Hochgebirge

Am Zugersee
On Lake Zug

Im Engadin
In the Engadine

Landstraße im Frühling
Country road in spring

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