Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Undated mystery photo
of a plucky-looking young girl

This unusually shaped mystery photograph fragment — it measure about 3⅛ inches by 6¾ inches at its widest points — shows a young girl who looks to be somewhere around 6-to-8 years old. The photo is creased and torn and has a big chunk missing from the left side; it looks like a proof that came straight from the developer tray.

On the back of the photo, someone first wrote what looks like "Maria" and then scribbled through that name. Written in pen underneath the scribbled-out name is:

Katherina "Sis" Reinhardt?

It's also possible that the first name, which is written in cursive, has been spelled Katherine, Katharina or Katharine ... but Katherina is my best guess. I should also note that the question mark written at the end of the name was subsequently scribbled out, so someone believed strongly that this picture shows Sis Reinhardt.

But that's it. No date. There aren't any good clues, perhaps other than the girl's clothes, to help us pinpoint when this was taken.

And so we have another mystery. If you have any thoughts or clues, leave them in the comments.


  1. The girl's hat is similar to those worn in the early 1930's. Her boots are also similar to that era. There appears to be blurry Model T in the background. They were manufactured into the late '20's, so would have still have been in use in the early '30's as well.

    1. Thanks, Tom. If I had been asked to hazard a guess, I would have said that time frame, too.